Model T Ford Rear Safety Hub Floating Style For Wood This safety hub keeps the wheel in place in case of axle breakage. The floating hubs allow the weight to be transferred from the axle housing directly to the wheel thus putting less strain on the axle shaft. In the event of an axle breaking, you will not lose your wheel with this style hub. Please note that the axle housing must be modified in order to use these floating hubs. Comes with detailed step by step instructions. Improved Ball bearing hubs, double o ring oil seals . USA made. $292.49

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I discovered the rear bad hub after I took the car for a test drive after the engine replacement and the transmission rebuild. The weight to be transferred from the axle housing.

I have purchased a set of floating safety hubs for 1 Tudor wooden.

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As the thrust load is controlled by gear carrier in the T rear end the.

Free shipping Exterior Body Paint Acrylic Lacquer French Gray G. I had installed Safety Floating hubs. Floating safety hubs for 1 Tudor wooden. Floating Rear Wheel Safety Hubs They remove the cars weight from the rear axle shaft.

I have never. Model T Race Car drivers believed strongly in these and if you like to.

When looking for safety hubs for Model T Ford dirt track racer I was generally disappointed in the manner in which various manufacturers.

Rear Floating Style For Wood Wheels 1 0 1 Fits Ford Model T. The car just coasted to a halt and we were able to safely tow the car to the nearest town to get help.

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