Model T High Compression Cylinder Head Bolt Washer Se Cylinder Head Bolt Washer Set Made For High Compression Contains 15 Bolts 15 Washers OEM Specifications High Quality Made In The U.S.A.nbspThis is a complete set of high quality 15 bolts amp 15 washers for proper installation of late Model T cylinder head. Made in the U.S.A.! You can count on MAC's for all of your vintage Model T Ford needs. $21.99

No modifications to your engine are required. This head is built to be used with high compression pistons. High Performance Head The compression ratio in a Model T was deliberately low. It subsantially improves the performance over the standard Model T engine.

Completely stock engine pan was straight as an arrow Clutch Alignment Tool 10 Spline 1 116 Diameter 2.

The aluminum Z heads are 1 compression and add to 10 hp.

High compression head problems Model T 1 0 1. The Model T Ford Z head is a reproduction of a period high compression head. Note Low style. Same way but run larger pistons be ported relieved. With modern gas. Requires no modifications to your Model T High Compression Cylinder Head engine just remove your old head and bolt this on.

Uses standard Model T head gasket. The volume in the cylinder and.

There are high performance T heads available.

It has been proven more efficient to concentrate the combustion gasses and the spark plug over the valves in a flat head engine.

A friend is contimplating installing a high compression head on his stock 1 engined 1 rdsr. 1 due to the very low octane gas available in its day Model T Ford Seat Wood Seat Back Rest Frame Rear. The fastest flat. This head is built to be used with standard pistons The high dome pistons.

And sketch below show a stock high head and a Waukesha Ricardo head. Compression ratio is strictly a ratio of volumes i.

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