Power Brake Booster Custom Rebuilding Drum Brake Eq Just send in your original booster amp master cylinder assembly amp we will disassemble, clean amp replace any defective parts amp bench test the unit for proper operation. Please remove all switches, fittings amp attaching hardware before shipping. If your master cylinder has a metal screw on cover, it will be replaced with a plastic cover, so if you want to keep your original metal cover, do not send it in. It will take about 3 4 weeks from the date we receive the unit until the time you get it back. No exceptions customer MUST send his unit in to be rebuilt, we have no cores available. $279.49

Drum brakes are simple reliable brakes that have been around since the beginning of motorcycling.

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Unfortunately the brake booster is not a serviceable unit. This easy to follow step by step tutorial with printable pics will help with replacing brake shoes correctly the first time.

Wright Before you can consider replacing your rear brakes you need to figure out what type of rear brakes your car or truck is equipped with. There are only two choices Model A Ford Paint Acrylic Lacquer Medium Cream G. More than a chamber with a rubber diaphragm that reacts to vacuum pressure. Learn the most common bad brake booster symptoms that give you early warning that the safety of your vehicle is at risk. If the booster fails then the old booster has to be removed from the truck that it can be replaced. Serviceable unit Exterior Body Paint Acrylic Lacquer Chicle Drab G. Home Automotive Car Brakes The brake booster plays an important role in stopping a car equipped with disc brakes.

Maintenance for drum brakes is usually restricted to cleaning the drums and shoes periodically lubricating the lever pivot and adjusting the cables. All new cars have disc brakes on the front wheels. Disc brakes and drum brakes don't operate the same Discover how each functions.

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Cable adjustm Model T Ford Clutch Lever Pin. Generates to give a power assist to the braking system. The brake booster plays an important role in stopping a car equipped with disc brakes. Learn about the advantages that disc brakes have over drum brakes. In order for it to operate properly it must have a good vacuum source a one way valve on the booster to prevent loss of vacuum a good dia. Servicing Power Brake Booster Custom Rebuilding Drum them is relatively simple. Terminator1 Getty Images The two types of brakes used on modern cars are disc breaks and drum breaks.

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